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In the 90s, Heather wrote several award-winning plays which were performed around Australia. Some of them were published and are listed below. 

Anatomy of a Love Affair


This is the first of Heather's plays, written for the 1985 Brisbane Warana Drama Festival. The play won the prestigious Best Australian Play award. 

The play tells the story of a love affair through the eyes of three personae - Liz, Beth and Elizabeth - three sides of the same girl. The play has been performed from Western Australia to Queensland and offers meaty acting roles for three women and one man. 


Applications for copies of the play can be made through the Contact page.


"A daring piece of writing with interesting dialogue, believable characters and much humour" - Patsy McCarthy, Adjudicator, Warana, 1985

The Inquiry


The Inquiry centres on a possibly corrupt politician who, in the post-Fitzgerald era of Queensland politics, discovers that the only one to stand by him is his wife, whom he has treated despicably. A one-act play for four actors, this theatre piece won the Noosa One-Act Playwrighting Competition in 1990 and has since been performed throughout Australia.


Applications for copies of the play can be made through the Contact page.


"Heather Jones has taken up the challenge of writing about current Australian political processes and the ways in which the media operate within them, not always in the best interests of either the politicians or the public." - Glyn Allen Davies, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Griffith University

Four Australian One-Act Plays


This collection of one-acters from the 90s, and written by four different playwrights, represents a variety of theatre pieces perfect for drama festival performances. Designed as a teaching vehicle, each play is topped and tailed by leading discussion questions, thematic concerns, improvisation exercises, writing and research activities. 


The four plays are Life Support about two ruthless artists; The Boat about a man who has been retrenched and looks for peace and happiness on his boat in his lounge room; Rhinoceros Hides, a satire about three politicians and a bag-lady; and A Day Down the Gold Coast - a radio play on a wide range of exchanges and activities by the passing parade of the public. 




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