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Heather has been a writer and author for the past twenty-five years. Having written over 200 textbooks for south-east Asia (including 4 courses for secondary and primary ESL), she has more recently turned her penmanship to leading workshops for students and teachers on short story writing for high schoolers and short story writing. Her latest release is 'Talk to Me: Conversation Strategies for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum or with Speech and Language Impairments' and charts her progress with her son, Jamie. 

Star Summit: A New Senior English Course


Star Summit presents three levels of English language learning for Hong Kong senior secondary students and provides comprehensive preparation for the HKDSE.


Its distinguishing features include cutting-edge themes, integrated vocabulary, authentic reading extracts, exam-like questions, integrated listening tasks that mimic the exams, grammar activities that mirror the requirements of the HKDSE Paper 3, talking points after every reading and listening extract, thinking skills to stimulate creative and critical thinking, and an essential and protable reference section in the Appendices on confusable words, irregular verbs, text types, phonetics, punctuation and discussion language.

Star Sumit: Workplace Communication


Star Summit Workplace Communication is one of eight Electives that Star Summit has produced. Each one prepares students for the HKDSE examination at the end of their schooling.


This Elective concentrates on meetings, business letters and emails, sales presentations, telephone calls, job interviews and a final project. Like the seven other Electives written for Star Summit, it contains several activities in each chapter so that the students learn through tasks and not just by theory. 



Star Summit Mock Examination Practice


This is a collection of 8 complete sets of exam papers for students to practise on in preparation for the HKDSE. This co-authored work with Pieter Koster contains answers and tips on how to approach each exam. All papers are written in the format and style of the exams and allows students to build their knowledge on key subject areas and review their performance upon completion of each set. 

Star Strategies Reading Skills for HKDSE


This textbook is specially designed to provide well-structured and in-depth coverage of skills required of students reparing for the HKDSE English Language examinations. It is filled with tips, strategies and practice exercises, and is geared towards making classroom teaching an interesting and enjoyable experience for teachers and students.


It contains units developed around themes with visually attractive unit openers, grammar matters sections, three test papers, meaning from context, theme words and expressions, vocabulary sections and appendices that include natural responses, countries, irregular verbs, parts of speech and phrasal verbs.




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